Welcome message from the Chief Medical Officer

Professor Keith McNeil, Acting Deputy Director-General and Chief Medical Officer, Prevention Division and Chief Clinical Information Officer, Queensland HealthAcross the span of your professional life, career reward will present itself in many and varied ways. The satisfaction of solving a complex problem, the fulfilment of changing health outcomes and lives through your interventions, the empowerment of enhancing your knowledge and skills, or the strength in offering or accepting support when it’s needed.

As you embark on your career in medicine, there are understandable uncertainties about the choices you’ll make as you work to identify your professional direction. Perhaps for some, this path is well-defined, the choices clear. For others, the options may be overwhelming and the direction more ambiguous.

Your prevocational years offer an opportunity to explore this diverse occupation. Our profession is filled with anecdotes of clinicians whose experiences altered their career course – maybe an unwanted rotation as a junior doctor offered a new perspective on a specialty, or a temporary job in the bush became a vocation, or meeting a mentor opened a mind to a specialty never previously considered.

A priority for medical workforce planning in Queensland is supporting our next generation of medical practitioners – the Medi-Nav website is designed specifically for medical students and junior doctors to help you navigate your future in medicine. Access to Queensland-specific specialist and vocational trainee workforce data and training program information will help you explore your career options early and maybe even encourage you to look beyond the specialties or Queensland locations you’ve considered so far.

I strongly encourage you to utilise the Medi-Nav resources and continue to explore your potential throughout your prevocational years – be open to any and all options and opportunities to guide your career choices. The journey you have ahead of you will be the ride of your life, so make sure you take the time and opportunities proffered to make good decisions.

Good luck and all the very best for your future careers.

Professor Keith McNeil
Chief Medical Officer, Clinical Excellence Queensland, Queensland Health