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Every medical professional strives for a rewarding career. On the cusp of this career, choosing the right specialty can feel overwhelming. Through Medi-Nav, explore your options to make an informed choice about your future.

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Psychiatrists specialise in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental health illnesses and emotional problems. Psychiatrists have a significant understanding of both physical and mental health, as well as how these two facets of health affect each other. Conditions commonly treated by psychiatrists include schizophrenia, depression, bipolar disorder, eating disorders and addiction. Some psychiatrists choose to specialise in particular areas of interest, for example child and adolescent, perinatal, old age or addiction psychiatry.

General Medicine

General medicine physicians diagnose, treat and manage patients with complex, chronic and multi-system disorders. A General Medicine Physician’s clinical practice is not limited by patient age, diagnostic category, stage of disease, treatment intent or clinical setting.

Addiction Medicine

Addiction medicine physicians provide comprehensive care to patients who suffer from a range of addiction disorders, including patients who suffer drug and alcohol addiction or pharmaceutical dependency.

What is Medi-Nav?

We have created Medi-Nav to help you to navigate a clearer path to your medical career. It will allow you to…

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