Medi-Nav Orientation Resource v6, 2024

| 3 The resource is structured into five sections: About this resource The Queensland Junior Doctor Orientation Resource has been written as an introduction for all junior doctors employed in Queensland’s public health system and is intended to complement local orientation programs delivered to junior doctors within their employing hospital and health service on commencement of duty. It covers the key areas in which all junior doctors should have a basic knowledge and understanding to enable transition to safe and effective clinical practice in Queensland’s public health system. Due to the volume of material, the information on many subjects is not provided in detail, however junior doctors are encouraged to follow the links provided to research subjects of interest and access the most current information in an ever-changing environment. Section 1 The Australian health system Section 2 Public healthcare in Queensland Section 3 Working as a medical practitioner in Queensland Section 4 Legislation and professional practice Section 5 Rural and remote health services in Queensland | 3