Medi-Nav Orientation Resource v6, 2024

My congratulations to you on your appointment as a junior medical officer, and I warmly welcome you to Queensland Health. Your chosen career offers the privilege to care for, and improve the health of our population, across diverse communities. I encourage you to embrace your prevocational years, knowing that you are supported and empowered to accept challenges and explore new opportunities as you forge your career path. Learn from and be inspired by the incredible colleagues you’ll work alongside within Queensland Health. I am grateful for the many and wonderful mentors that I have had as I progressed in my career, especially in the early days. I encourage you to make the most of your networks – your colleagues, educators, and mentors. Be wholeheartedly part of your team, support your colleagues, and in turn accept support from them. Be open to new and different ideas and be bold in your choices. Stepping out of your comfort zone may just set you on the path to professional fulfilment. You are part of a large system, but one that is only efficient because of the contributions of every individual, across all disciplines. Your contributions underpin Queensland Health’s vision – whether you are a new doctor practicing for the first time or joining us to further progress your medical career. There is no doubt that being a doctor has its challenges, and while the training provided by our public health system does prepare you with the skills, knowledge, and inner strength to build great foundations, be assured that your wellbeing remains an organisational priority as we work with you as you progress through the stages of your career. This orientation resource is just a part of a comprehensive orientation program to assist your transition into Queensland public health facilities. It offers an overview of the Australian and Queensland health care systems and broad insight into your role as a junior doctor – and is designed to be complemented by more specific, local orientation programs. The resources available on the Medi-Nav careers website are just one of the ways that we are committed to supporting you. I wish you every success in your career journey. Associate Professor Catherine McDougall Chief Medical Officer, Queensland Health Message from the Chief Medical Officer, Queensland Health