Medi-Nav Orientation Resource v5, 2023

Message from the Chief Medical Officer, Queensland Health Congratulations. I am delighted to welcome you to Queensland Health. Whether your role marks the beginning of your career in medicine, or the beginning of a new opportunity on your career path, I am certain the experiences that lay ahead and the networks, community and friendships you’ll establish will bring immense reward and fulfilment throughout what I hope is a lasting career in medicine in Queensland. A comprehensive orientation program is critical to assist medical graduates and junior doctors to understand the complexities and requirements for a successful transition to the medical profession and to Queensland public health facilities. This orientation resource is intended to provide an overview of the Australian and Queensland health care systems and an understanding of Queensland’s vision to ensure that Queenslanders are among the healthiest people in the world. And you of course will be critical in achieving that lofty ambition. This resource offers broad insight into your role as a junior doctor and is designed to be complemented by more specific, local orientation programs. Your prevocational years are your chance to embrace every challenge, explore your career options, take advantage of learning and development opportunities and to establish lasting professional connections. Individually we may be ordinary people, but collectively we work together across disciplines to make extraordinary contributions every day. Contributions that not only impact our patients, but also their families, and the Queensland community as a whole. You are an integral and valued part of a system that is sustained because of these collective efforts and your ongoing commitment. As new junior doctors enter the Queensland healthcare system, I am consistently impressed by the enthusiasm, teamwork, leadership, compassion, and service displayed by each cohort, May your experiences across these prevocational years cultivate your knowledge, skills and professional qualities that will form a foundation for a rewarding medical career and benefit generations of junior doctors to come. Professor Keith McNeil Chief Medical Officer, Queensland Health